One of the fascinating things we’ve learned through this program is that individual deer have distinct personalities and relationships. We invite you to read on and get to know some of Clifton’s deer –from the culinary snob to the social butterfly to  the fashion challenged, and everything in between!

Care to participate? Here’s how…

Naming (Adoption) Rights – For a donation of $250.00 you will be able to name one of our deer (after a grandchild, friend, mentor, or favorite fictional character or Greek goddess, perhaps?) You (or the person you designate) will receive a Certificate of Adoption, a brief bio, and a picture, and you will be honored on our website.

Because more than one person may be interested in adopting a particular doe, please contact us before making your “naming rights” donation to confirm that the doe you wish to name is still available.  Names that are respectful of our program and deer only, please!

Sponsorships – For a $50.00 donation, you can select a tagged doe to sponsor.  You (or the person you designate) will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship and a photo of your deer, and you will be honored on our website.

To sponsor a doe, simply make a donation here or by check and contact us to let us know who you are sponsoring!  

Currently,  we are making the deer listed below available for naming and sponsorship.  Just click on a picture to read that doe’s bio.  More deer may be added in the future.  If you have an interest in a doe not listed below (maybe someone who visits your yard?), just let us know!


We aren’t sure if Heeseung can sing like her namesake, but with those soulful brown eyes and gorgeous fur, we’re sure she would look great

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