An innovative, effective and humane deer fertility control program.

The Clifton Deer Program protects the ecological health of our parks and communities through humane methods of deer population management.

"I have lived here 11 summers, and I have never seen this day lily's face before. Every year until now, the burgeoning buds have been chomped by the deer before they bloom. I'm so glad I got to see it this year--it's beautiful. Thank you, dear, deer people!!"

MR, Clifton Resident

"Dear -

Thank you for your work. You're right, we have noticed a difference!"

TK, Clifton Resident

"What a very successful deer control program .... [M]y hostas say thank you." 

PC, Clifton Resident

"We know your work is making a difference. Thank you!"

AN, Clifton Resident

"Haven't seen any new mothers with babies for a few years.  Guess your efforts are working to keep the population under control!"  

JB, Clifton Resident

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